The Well-Prepared Coach- 30 Basketball Practice Plans

I know I am promoting baseball instructional videos with this web-site but I couldn’t resist offering this video. A lot of Dads not only coach baseball, but coach other sports as well. Especially with younger kids. Have you ever felt overwhelmed coaching a youth sports team. I am a baseball guy. I played through college and have coached ever since. One year my wife signed me up to coach basketball. The league didn’t have enough volunteers and she just figured since I was a baseball coach, I could coach anything. Boy was she wrong. I had played basketball through my sophomore year of high school. That is when I decided I had more potential for a scholarship in baseball. I wasn’t a bad player and understood the game pretty well. I was just not as prepared to coach it as I was with baseball. I decided to look for help as a lot of the other coaches/Dads were in the same boat. I always want to feel like the players are better when the season is over than before it started. I came across the instructional video series The Well-prepared Coach-30 Basketball Practice Plans. It gave me a lot of ideas for drills, offensive plays, defensive concepts, etc. I had played basketball growing up, but had no idea how to coach it. This instructional video set really helped me to coach my team to a successful season. I even volunteered to coach the next few seasons. I used the instructional video to keep me on top of my caoching game. I even shared it with some of the other coaches. No need to feel overwhelmed. There is help out there.
The e-book also comes with certificate makers for not just basketball but baseball, volleyball, cheerleading, and soccer as well as coaching handout printables for each.

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