This clip shows how a catcher is to receive or catch the pitch. The motion to the ball is smooth. The quieter the movement, the more likely the umpire is going to call a stike. The catcher should always try to keep his thumb under the baseball whenever possible.

When a pitch is thrown in the dirt, the important thing for a catcher to do is to keep the ball in front of him. Some times catchers will try to catch the ball instead of just blocking it. The catcher should drop to his knees and get the glove down to cover the hole between his legs. The throwing hand should be behind the mitt. If the catcher can gain ground and keep the ball close by in front of him he has a great shot at retrieving the ball and throwing out an aggressive baserunner trying to advance.

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Front toss is a baseball hitting drill where the pitcher is throwing underhand from a short distance behind an L-screen. The pitches come in slower making the hitter wait on the ball to get there. It is an easier position for the pitcher/instructor to see the swing from the front and instruct. The pitches can be tossed in any part of the strike zone. I usually will use this drill after the hitter has hit tees and soft toss to warm up.

Around the World is a hitting drill using a tee. The batter hits off the tee and changes the position of his feet while working on keeping his hands inside of the baseball. We use it as a warm up drill.


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