Increase Pitching Velocity- 3X Pitching

What is the best way to draw attention to yourself when you are on the pitching mound? Throwing PURE HEAT! Everyone talks about how fast this pitcher is or that pitcher is. The hard thrower is always the talk of the ballpark. Go to any baseball tournament and there are more people watching the game where there is a fireballer on the mound. Other teams are talking about him. They are trying to figure out if he will pitch against them or someone else. I was at my sons high school game the other day. Our opponent had a pitcher throwing 93-95. He already has his D-1 scholarship. There were nine professional scouts with radar guns standing behind the backstop. They even watched every pregame pitch in the bullpen. When the game started and our pitcher toed the rubber, they sat and talked amongst themselves as he threw his 82-84 mph fastball. When it was our turn to bat, the scouts were all business. They recorded the velocity on every single pitch. they made notes on his mechanics. they made notes on his movement. Everyone at the ballpark paid more attention when he was on the mound.  Sure some soft-tossers have learned to be successful with what they were given. We all know that they get passed by harder throwers whether it is on their own team, by college recruiters, or by pro scouts. Increase Pitching Velocity-3X Pitching is a great baseball instructional video that will coach you on how to increase your velocity 10+ mph in a matter of weeks. Why stay where you are? Don’t be that pitcher that doesn’t scare the other team. Be the talk of the tournament. This video set will put you on the right path. Increase that velocity and get noticed. It is your quickest way to the top of the rotation, a college scholarship, or professional contract.

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