Evoshield -Game-Changing Protective Apparel

Evoshield ChestEveryone has heard the horror stories of the youth baseball player that was fatally hit in the chest with a                                     baseball. Unfortunately, that has happened way too often. Parents sign their children up to play sports for various reasons. Some do it because they love sports and want their children to experience or develop that same love. Some sign them up so that they can learn to play with others and learn to work with others as a team. Others do it because their child has boundless energy and they are trying to help them learn to spend that energy in positive ways. As an amateur baseball coach over the last several years, I have heard many reasons for parents wanting their children involved in sports.

The last thing that parents want to worry about when they bring their child to a ball practice or a ballgame is safety. They hope that the league or coaches or officials have done everything possible to ensure the safety and well-being of their child. Unfortunately, no matter how hard everyone works to ensure their safety, no one can control the path of a baseball. Evoshield saw an oppurtunity in the athletic protective equipment industry and hit a home run. Evoshield Game-Changing Protective Apparel is being worn on baseball fields all over the world. Evoshield has been named an official product of the MLB Authentic Collection.

Evoshield   has branched out into other sports as well. They are now making protective gear for football, softball, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, and even shooting and hunting. For baseball alone they offer Custom-Molding Chest & Back Guards, Custom-Molding Elbow Guards, Custom-Molding Batter’s Leg Guards, Catcher’s Thumb Guards, Pro-Style Batting Gloves, Protective Wrist Guards, Performance Wrist Sleeve w/ Strap, Compressiona Arm Sleeves, Compression Baseball Sliders w/ Cup, and -soon to hit the market- PlayCall Wrist Sleeve.

With the help of Evoshield, parents should be able to let their children play sports without the worries of being injured or even killed by a baseball. Evoshield has definitely revolutionized the athletic protective gear industry. Try it out at Evoshield.