Baseball Players: Become A Power Hitter- Hit More Jacks!

Chicks dig the long ball. Remember that saying. Are you getting frustrated because the fields seem to keep getting bigger? Are you frustrated about the new bat regulations? The new BBCORs are like hitting with a stick. The ball goes nowhere. ┬áIt seems like everything is changing to make it harder on hitters. There is a way to fight back. Baseball Players: Become A Power Hitter-Hit More Jacks! is a great baseball instructional video set that will teach you everything you need to know to become the power hitter that you want to be. Some players have tacked 100′ on to there farthest drives after using this video. It will teach you things from proper technique to new core strengthening drills. I bought this baseball training video for my son before his twelve year old season. He had never hit a ball over the fence in his life. He was a very good contact hitter. He always had one of the highest batting averages on the team. But he was frustrated because other players were hitting homeruns and he was not. I pride myself on boing a good instructor, but I couldn’t coax any more power out of him. After just a couple of months of studying this video set, theseason started. He hit four balls over the fence at Little League tryouts. He hit nine more during the regular season and all-stars as well as six more during his travel ball season in bigger ballparks. I even had some of my other players use the videos and worked with them. I had five other players hit their first homeruns that year. Just as power pitchers get a lot of attention, power hitters turn heads. What better way to change the momentum of your game than to jack one! Learn how to become that type of gamechanger. It will get you noticed. College recruiters, pro scouts, and chicks dig the long ball!
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