Baseball Instructional Video Set- The Mental Game

“Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical” said the great Yankee catcher Yogi Berra. He was almost right. Have you ever heard the saying that baseball is mental? Baseball is a mental game. It is a game of failure. How does a player deal with that? In what other sport can you make the Hall of Fame by failing 70% of the time? Have you ever heard someone say that you think too much on the field? Baseball is a game of repitition. You work on your swing over and over during practice. You work on proper pitching mechanics over and over in practice. That is your time to think about it. During the game you just react. You don’t want to think a whole lot in the batters box. you want to be mentally prepared as well as physically prepared when it is your turn. The Baseball Instructional Video Set- The Mental Game is a series of 4 videos that help a player become the player that he wants to be. You can have all the talent or ability in the world, but if you are not mentally tough, the game will be difficult for you. These videos are for the young player through college or professionals. These are great videos even for coaches.

When my son was 10, the other coaches and myself decided we needed to help the players get mentally tough. We had just won the 10U State Championship and knew we were going to get bumped up to having to play tougher competition the next season. I know it sounds crazy to start working on a 10 year olds mental state, but we wanted them to be as prepared as possible for this big step. We bought The Baseball Instructional Video Set-The Mental Game and watched the videos with the boys. We discussed it at length with them. We kept referring back to it throughout the season. They never seemed intimidated and opposing coaches always commented about how mentally prepared they were. We shared our secret.

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