During my 35 years of experience playing and coaching baseball, I have learned the value of baseball instructional videos. As a player, I found that it was much easier to learn the skills I needed by actually watching those skills demonstrated in baseball instructional videos. Instructional books contain a lot of great information, but they lack the visual element that many ball players need in order to learn the information being taught.

Later, as a coach, I found myself relying on baseball instructional videos yet again. Not only did the videos help me keep fresh on good technique, they were also helpful in trying to communicate those techniques to my players.

Finally, as a father, baseball instructional videos helped me to raise my own son as a good baseball player. I saw him go through the same struggles that I went through as a young ball player: trying to increase my skills as a player while wrestling with the problem of not being able to visualize the information that was being presented to me. I found some good baseball instructional videos to share with him and they helped him to develop into a very good player.

My goal with this website is to promote baseball instructional videos to help parents learn what they can do to help their kids to become better players. It makes a huge difference in your ability to help your child when you can actually see something instead of just reading about it. With my years of experience, I have found that some baseball instructional videos are better than others. I want to share the best videos with other parents so that their experience of parenting a ball player can be easier than my own.