60 Yard Dash For Baseball Players

Who says you can’t teach speed. Speed is a highly valuable commodity on the baseball field. It allows a player to cover more ground defensively. It allows a player to get more hits by beating out groundballs. It allows a player to get on base more because the other team has to rush throws, and possibly err, trying to get him out. It allows a player to take that extra base whether by steal or advancing on a batted ball. The 60 Yard Dash For Baseball Players eBook is an indepth speed program targeting everything from how to prepare mentally to proper technique. Running faster is the key to moving up in the lineup or moving to a premium position. When my son was eight he started playing travel baseball. He loved it because baserunners could lead off and it was pretty easy to steal a base. He stole several over the next few years. He was not very fast, but could get a good jump and was highly successful. When he turned 13, the field got very big very quickly. The bases were farther apart and arms were stronger. I’ve seen a lot of fast players, but I’ve never seen one that could run faster than a thrown baseball. I bought 60 Yard Dash For Baseball Players for my son. We worked hard on getting him to run faster. A lot of it was flexibility and technique. With this great video, he improved his speed and went back to becoming a weapon on the basepaths. His doubles and triples increased as well as his stolen bases. We will definitely keep this video handy as he is getting to the age that he could attract college or pro scouts. We will continue to lower his 60 yard dash time. It might make the difference in making the team or getting a college scholarship. Your 60 yard dash time is very important to a college coach or professional scout. Some coaches believe they can teach a player everything else but speed. Prove them wrong.

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