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Where Do I Go For Off Season Baseball Training?

WInter weatherBack when I was growing up, most athletes played multiple sports. Winter was for basketball or wrestling. Spring was for baseball or soccer. Fall was for football or soccer. Most athletes didn’t have to worry about off season training. There was no off season I realized at a young age that baseball was probably going to be my best sport. After my first season at 8 (in which I was horrible) I was always very successful. I played football and basketball as well. After a while I decided that there was too much risk of getting hurt in football so I stopped playing (one of my biggest regrets to this day). I continued to play basketball if only to keep in shape or use it as my baseball training for the off season. Basketball always required a lot of running and it was indoors. Growing up in the Midwest, winters were very cold and there wasn’t much of a chance to do anything baseball related outside. Basketball became my off season baseball training program.

Nowadays, a lot more athletes specialize at a young age. My son gave up soccer at 12 since it interfered with baseball. He gave up football at 13 for fear of getting hurt. He gave up basketball at 12 when he realized he probably wasn’t going to reach 7′. Now he plays baseball from the 1st day of February until Halloween. That leaves 3 months for off season baseball training. This off season, he has decided to work on getting faster and stronger as I have blogged about before. He is working on lowering his 60 yard dash time by following the workouts in 60 Yard Dash Secrets and working on gaining strength by doing CrossFit 4 days a week.

CrossFit baseball training     He has teammates that do the CrossFit with him for their off season baseball training. Others are doing workouts including P90X, Insanity, body building, and power lifting. I have parents asking what is best for their son. The answer is that I really don’t know. Every athlete has different things that they need to improve at. My son needs added speed and strength. Some kids might need to lose weight. Some might need to gain weight. I decided on CrossFit for my son after researching and observing some workouts. CrossFit is relatively new to me so I will let you know how it works out. I do know that after 1 month he has put on 8 lbs of muscle and has a drive to succeed that I hadn’t seen before from him. I really don’t know where the best place to go for off season baseball training is, but I do know whether it’s P90X, CrossFit, Insanity, or some other workout, it’s better than sitting around playing video games. Got to go. Time to take him to CrossFit.

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