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60 Yard Dash Time Dropping

Ichiro 60 Yard Dash      It has been 32 days since the last baseball game. Yes I do keep track. I am really missing watching my son play baseball. Sure I can watch games just about every afternoon and evening on TV. Cable TV has made that available. For me, there is just nothing like going to the ballpark and watching my son play. Thankfully, baseball has become almost year round where we live. High school fall ball starts next week. It’s a little more watered down than the spring season, but it is still baseball. We’ll be missing the players that also play football or other fall sports. We have decided that he will play sporadically, maybe just on weekends so it doesn’t interfere with his workouts. He is still working on lowering his 60 yard dash time, increasing his power, and just overall general strength.60 Yard Dash

We have still been following the workouts and techniques taught in the eBook 60 Yard Dash Secrets.  When we first started trying to lower his 60 yard dash time, he was running around an 8.2 second 60 yard dash time. His form was horrible. His start was horrible. He didn’t run a straight line. I knew that he had more speed inside of him, we just had to find it. He always was one of the faster players on his football and soccer teams. For some reason, he just couldn’t run as fast on a baseball field. We tried looser pants, no cup, different cups, new spikes,etc. Nothing seemed to work. Finally he decided he was willing to put in some work to lower his 60 yard dash time. Over the last month, he has worked hard and slowly lowered it. Yesterday I picked him up from school after his high school baseball team off season workout. I asked him how the workout was. He said they ran the 30 and 60 yard dash for time. He told me he ran 3 consecutive 7.3 second 60 yard dash times. He has lowered his 60 yard dash time almost a full second in 1 month. He is .1 seconds away from what he needs to run for pro scouts to consider him as a catcher and only .3 seconds away from his goal for the spring season. Hard work AND 60 Yard Dash Secrets  pay off!

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