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Still Improving The 60 Yard Dash Time

I’ve been blogging about my son’s quest to improve his 60 Yard dash time. It has become his obsession. Whenever we watch a baseball game on TV he is constantly asking what I think this player or that player runs for the 60 yard dash. “Speed doesn’t slump” is a very old baseball saying. Faster players can get more hits, steal bases, cover more ground in the field, and take extra bases that slower runners could not. I’ve written about how we are following the step by step program from the e-book 60 Yard Dash Secrets. We have been working every day to try to reach his ultimate goal of a 7.0 second 60 yard dash time before the beginning of his sophomore season. He started out with a time of 8.2 seconds. The last time I blogged about it he had cut it down to 7.8 seconds. When he ran yesterday, he ran a 7.6 second 60 yard dash time. I know it looks like he will easily reach his goal well ahead of time. It’s not that easy. He has improved his time so far mainly by improving his technique and his route (that would be a straight line). Now it’s time for the hard work. His times should not drop quite so fast now.60 Yard Dash

Now it’s time to really work on the stretching, the weights, and all the exercises to improve his 60 yard dash time. We have been going up to his high school baseball field every evening. We try to wait until the temperature will at least get below 90 degrees before we start working out. He’s really getting into it. He has given up soda. I packed him a sandwich, BBQ potato chips(his favorite), chocolate chip cookies, and a banana for lunch to go to driver’s ed. He ate the sandwich and banana. He is drinking water by the gallon to stay hydrated for his workouts. I have never seen him so determined to achieve something. Maybe he will make his 60 yard dash goal.

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