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Evoshield-Great Product To Use As Baseball Training Aids

Evoshield Elbow Guard   Back when we first moved to the Athens area, my son was 7. He had just finished up playing in the Dizzy Dean 7U World Series. His team was going to move on and start playing travel ball out of East Cobb. My biggest fear was that moving to a smaller community would mean the quality of baseball would be less. Not long after we moved a new indoor sports facility opened up. It was called All Sports Academy. We checked it out and started using the batting cages there to hit. I even signed my son up for some hitting lessons and pitching lessons with some former University of Georgia players. Soon after opening, the owner and a couple of other employees started building a business around a new protective material. They called the business All Sports Armour-later to be changed to Evoshield. They made protective gear for baseball players. The concept was to be able to mold the protective gear to the shape of the players body.

Every year there are horror stories about young kids being hit in the chest and killed by baseballs. We had tried different protective chest equipment for our son, but could never find one that he liked or thought was comfortable. We decided to try the new Evoshield chest guard. We brought it home and had him put on the compression shirt that came with it. We then opened the air tight package that the “protective shield” came in. We placed the “shields” in the pockets in the shirt. It also came with protective shields for his back. Within 30 minutes, they had formed to his body and hardened.

We tried it out at his next practice. He said that it was so comfortable that he didn’t even realize that he had it on. I could also see a big improvement in the way that he stayed in front of the ball. It was like he had a ton more confidence in his ability to field groundballs with his new Evoshield Chest Guard. We started spreading the word to other parents. Pretty soon, most of my sons teammates were wearing their own Evoshield Chest Guards.

Evoshield has since come out with many more products. The Evoshield Wrist Guard is a hit with my son because he exposes the inside of his wrists when blocking pitches in the dirt. After being hit twice in the elbow with pitches in the same game, we had to purchase the Evoshield Elbow Guard. After fouling a ball off his ankle(not fun if you haven’t ever done it) we had to purchase the Evoshield Ankle Guard. The Evoshiled Catcher’s Thumb Guard has helped him make it through the last couple of seasons behind the plate. We also had to get the Evoshield Batting Gloves with the protective shield on the back of the hand.

I love the Evoshield product line not just because of safety, but also because I can see how much more confident my son feels on the field when he knows he is protected. I know that this confidence has helped him to become a better baseball player. I strongly recommend Evoshield for any baseball player. Not only is it safe, but it is also the most comfortable product that we have found. Evoshield has also started making protective gear for other sports as well.

Evoshield Chest Guard


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