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Baseball Training Can Be Very Expensive

I love baseball. I love anything to do with baseball. I can go watch a baseball game any time anywhere and not even know anybody playing. I am constantly online looking at baseball sites. I get emails from probably about every company that sells baseball equipment online. When I go to a sporting goods store I go straight to the baseball equipment. Last week my son’s team played in Fort Myers, Fl. as I wrote about in previous blogs. While we were down there we passed an indoor baseball training facility. It was owned and operated by a former major league baseball player. I decided that when we had some down time I would go back and check this baseball training facility out.
When I made it by, it was late in the evening and getting close to closing time. There were still a good number of people in there. There was a team from Dallas, Texas hitting. This baseball training facility also had a pro shop. They sold gloves, bats, shirts, pants, Titanium necklaces, etc. I really liked this place. It was probably as nice a baseball training facility as I’d been in. I looked at the rates to rent a cage to come hit. The rates seemed very reasonable. Maybe if the opportunity presented itself, I would bring my son to hit.

It never worked out. We were either busy playing baseball or playing at the beach or hotel. I decided I would look this place up online when I got home to see if I could figure out how this place paid for an almost 20,000 square foot building with batting cages. When I checked it out I saw that they offered professional instruction from former major league baseball players for $150 per hour. Holy &%$#! I started thinking about how many hours my son and I have spent watching or reading our baseball instructional videos. What if we had paid $150 per hour for those? I’m sure that the instruction that they are giving is first class. I’m sure players that go in and work hard and listen do improve. I just have a hard time believing that my son would be that much better if I had spent $150 per hour for his baseball training.

I’m not knocking professional baseball training. I have paid for lessons in the past for my son. I have even been paid for giving baseball training lessons to players. I just can’t believe how much some people are willing to spend for baseball training.

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