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About Time To Step Up The Baseball Training

PG HR BallTomorrow we head to Auburn University so my son’s team can play a doubleheader. After the second game we will drive a few hours and find a hotel to sleep. Early Saturday we get up and finish ourdrive to Fort Myers, Florida, site of the Perfect Game 2012 15U BCS Finals. We will be competing with 63 other top teams from the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The tournament will last about a week and then…….done. It is a bittersweet time of the year. We are all exhausted from all the travel and ready for a break but what else are we going to do? We’ll probably take a few days off and then it is about time to step up the baseball training. My son made the decision a couple of years ago to give up football, basketball, and soccer so he could concentrate on getting a college scholarship for baseball. Baseball training has become a year round thing for him. As I’ve blogged before, he is going to work on his 60 yard dash times. He has already started working on his flexibility by doing the P90X stretch workout every day. He has been doing the P90X Plyometrics workout a couple of times a week as well. Another dad and I are going to go visit with a local Crossfit Center and talk with them about some baseball specific workouts.

Our hope through all of this baseball training is to shed a great deal of time off his 60 yard dash time, improve his pop time(time for a catcher to catch a pitch and throw to second base), and greatly increase his strength and flexibility. He is getting close to those critical summers after his sophomore and junior years when college coaches are really paying attention. We want to make sure he is ready. He says he is ready to put in the work. So we are going to go for it. I hope that he is serious about this. If he puts in the time and the hard work his baseball training will payoff. Hopefully it will pay off in the form of a baseball scholarship. Then all of this will be worth it.

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