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60 Yard Dash Times Are Getting Faster

The season finally came to an end in Fort Myers, Florida. We lost to a team we probably shouldn’t have, but that’s baseball. My son and I decided to stay an extra day to go to the beach. We did a lot of talking on the trip. He has decided to take the fall off from baseball to work on getting stronger and faster. He asked me if he could take a day off (the day we drive back) to rest and then get busy when we get home. I told him that we will take a few. He needs to rest and heal. He gets beat up catching and he got hit in the mouth with a pitch Tuesday. I told him we can start working on his 60 yard dash times as soon as we get home.

When we first started working on improving his 60 yard dash times he ran an 8.2 second 60 yard dash. Without much serious effort, he has improved to 7.8 seconds. Most of this improvement is due to better from and running a straighter line. Our goal is to get him down to the 7 second range for his 60 yard dash times. According to 60 Yard Dash Secrets a catcher must run less than 7.2 seconds to be considered draftable by the Major Leagues. A catcher must run less than a 7.3 second 60 Yard Dash to be considered a Division I college prospect. A catcher must run less than a 7.4 second 60 yard dash to be considered a Division III college prospect. Other positions require faster times.

I feel pretty certain that we can shave at least .8 seconds off his time by next season. It would be great to get him fast enough that he would be considered for other positions as well. He has a great glove at third base, but he needs to run less than a 7 second  60 yard dash times to be considered pro material there. It looks like we had better get busy. 60 yard dash minimum times

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