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Still Working On The 60 Yard Dash Time

60 Yard Dash SecretsAbout a month ago I blogged about a baseball instructional video that I am promoting-60 Yard Dash Secrets. We pulled it out of the dust bin when my son’s high school season ended. The 60 yard dash is as important in baseball as the 40 yard dash is in football. Professional scouts and college coaches want to know your 60 yard dash time. In Georgia, we are in the middle of tryouts for the Georgia Dugout Club Top 100. The first thing they did at tryouts for position players was time them in the 60 yard dash. My son has never been a speed burner. He has stolen a good number of bases over the years,  but he definitely needs to get faster. My son did not tryout due to committments to his showcase team. Next year, health permitting , he will try out.

Over the last month we have studied the 60 Yard Dash Secrets e-book. He has worked on his flexibility, running form, and upped his running. His 60 yard dash time has dropped a couple of hundredths of a second but he still can improve. I have noticed a difference in his speed on the bases during his games. Unfortunatley, his showcase baseball schedule has prevented us from working on it as much as we should. The season will be over in mid July. I will probably give him a week (or two) off and then we will work hard on it. He has a lot of work to do on his flexibility as well has his running form. In Chapter 6, the speed coach who created 60 Yard Dash Secrets, Thurman Hendrix, talks about the positioning and movement of every body part. He explains how a player can improve his 60 yard dash time by using proper mechanics. I believe that when my son gets to that section, then his speed will improve dramatically. Right now, he has elbows and knees going everywhere.

I am looking more and more forward to really getting him started on this program. His goal is to get a major college scholarship and then hopefully get the oppurtunity to get paid to play. Improving his 60 yard dash time will be a big step in the right direction.

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