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Baseball Training Aids Galore

Baseball Training Aids

This week my son’s showcase team is in the middle of the 2012 WWBA Perfect Game 15U National Championship Tournament at East Cobb. This is one of the biggest tournaments of the season along with the 2012 Perfect Game BCS Finals in Fort Myers in July. When I was walking into the East Cobb facility my attention was drawn not to the ballgames but to all of the vendors and their merchandise lined up along the sidewalks. There were bats, gloves, batting gloves, radar guns, shirts, shoes, caps, and several baseball training aids. My attention was mostly drawn to the baseball training aids. I see them all advertised everywhere. I get email alerts from nearly every online baseball store imaginable. Some of them I just write off as a gimmick or something that I could do or make on my own. Some of them are pretty cool but just seeing them online or in a magazine doesn’t get me excited. But now here they are. Right in front of my eyes. They even let you try them out. Some of the baseball training aids look like they could save me a lot of work. The Swing Away Pro XXL for instance would look nice in my garage or back yard. I could send my son out to work on his swing with the ball placed in every spot in the strike zone imagineable. He could swing until his arms fell off. I wouldn’t have to listen to him say “pick up the balls old man” or “quit putting them on the tee so fast”. He would be able to hit all by himself.

After taking a couple of lame(remember it’s been 13 years since I’ve swung a bat other than a fungo) cuts. I decide to keep walking. I am very tempted to get one. As I keep moving I see the Pocket Radar, Crossover Symmetry, Evoshield, and Hitting Jack-it. We have already purchased a lot of Evoshield gear and have a couple of the Hitting Jack-its. I love both products. As I keep looking I realize that there¬†are multiple¬†baseball training aids for virtually everything you can do in baseball. This is a huge business. I am very tempted to buy some baseball training aids but then I remembered what I was there for. Oh yeah, my son has a game. Between innings I keep looking over to see if there was anything I missed.

After the game, which my son’s team won, we stopped by The Swing Away Pro XXL booth again. My son says he likes using them and would love to have one. I told the vendor that we would be back again. As long as they keep winning we will be there every day for 3 more days. Oh the temptation. When we reach the truck I notice something on my winshield. It’s a flyer from Better Baseball with a 10% discount by showing the flyer at the register. I guess they know a sucker when they see one.

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