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Time For Showcase Baseball

My son’s High School team was two and done in the state tournament. It was kind of sad, especially for the seniors. I’ve grown kind of fond of them over the years. They should be proud though. Nobody expected them to make the state tournament this year. I was especially proud that my son got to play in the state tournament as a freshman. Not many freshmen get that oppurtunity. I didn’t play in it until my senior year. Some players never get to. Now that the high school season is over it’s time to get busy. It’s time for showcase baseball. Showcase baseball is similar to travel baseball in that there is a lot of travel. The players are also playing at a higher level of play than rec leagues. The biggest difference is that in travel baseball you go to one area and play a tournament. The winner gets a trophy or some other type of prize. In showcase baseball you travel to a town and usually play at college fields. You play other teams, but not in a tournament format. It is more of  a round robin. The purpose is for the players to get seen by college coaches and recruiters. The showcase baseball organization that my son is playing with has done a great job over the years of getting most every player in their organization a college offer.

We are looking forward to traveling all over the southeast to play in front of college coaches. It isn’t cheap and you stay gone a lot, even during the week, but hopefully it will pay off with a college scholarship. Showcase baseball is alot ofwork both for players and parents, but we are looking forward to it starting. I’ve only got three more years after this one. I’m sure he’s wanting to go to college way far away from me. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy watching him play some showcase baseball.

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