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Need To Work On That 60 Yard Dash Time

60 Yard Dash SecretsNow that the high school season is over my son moves on to showcase ball. We need to get him ready for playing in front of college coaches and recruiters. The biggest thing that sticks out to me is he needs to work on his foot speed. His pop time and throws to second are very good for his age. He is hitting the ball very well and with good power. We sat down and talked about what he thinks he needs to work on. Of course he said nothing. He thinkis he’s ready to sign a letter of intent right now. He’s pretty cocky which isn’t such a bad thing as long as he doesn’t go running his mouth all over the place. I told him that I think he needs to work on that 60 yard dash time. For some reason, the 60 yard dash is the distance that coaches and scouts like to see. They do time them from home to first, first to third, etc. but the 60 time is the one they talk about.

A few years ago I stumbled across a baseball instructional video called 60 Yard Dash Sectrets. When you first go on the site and opt in you get some free tips emailed to you every couple of days. We watched these little 2-3 minute long videos clips and went ahead and bought the e-book. It was full of great information and tips to improve your 60 yard dash time. A lot of stuff was simple like just running a straight line. It’s amazing how difficult that is at times, especially for my son. After getting the video, he worked on it and did improve his speed. It helped him on the baseball field as well as football, basketball, and soccer. Unfortunately, over the last couple of years 60 Yard Dash Secrets has been laying in the back of the TV cabinet collecting dust. We are about to get it back out and brush up on some things. Hopefully round two will work as well as round one did. I will let you know.

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