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Fulfilling Week For Baseball Instructional Video Dad

My son’s High School team qualified for the state tournament. This was expected to be a down year for the program as they graduated 8 seniors last year that received a lot of playing time. We needed some young players to step up this season and they did. It was very fulfilling for me as I have had the oppurtunity to coach just about every player on the team at some point in his career. I’m not saying that I am the reason they made it. I just hope that somewhere along the line I did something or said something that helped them out. Maybe it was me subjecting them to a baseball instructional video along the way. The program also had their annual banquet last night. It was great getting to see the players, especially this years seniors get recognized.

Another player was offered a college scholarship this week. That makes three of our eight seniors from this year’s team getting scholarships. I love trying to help the boys when it comes to that. I have been lucky enough to make a few connections over the years. I will do anything to help them out as long as I know they are 100% serious about playing baseball. College baseball is a lot different than high school ball. There is a lot more at stake. The coaches are usually going to be a little harder on you. They will make you run more. They will push you harder to do well in the classroom. If a player struggles with that in high school, they are probably not going to make it playing college ball.

I even used my connections to introduce my son to a couple of college coaches this week(it’s never too early). I took him and one of his teammates to watch my old college play for their conference championship this weekend. It was great catching up with my old coaches(yes, they are still there). I really enjoyed watching them play. It’s been several years since I’ve been able to see them play. The best part is that it got my son and his teammate pumped up about playing college ball. Hopefully they will continue to work hard and one day I’ll be watching them play on a college field. I’ll do whatever it takes. Maybe I’ll even “let” them watcha baseball instructional video or two.

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