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Baseball Training Drills Paying Off

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When my son started working out with his showcase team we were a little overwhelmed with the 4-6 hour practices. They did not have a lot of free time just standing around waiting their turn. The coaches do a great job of keeping all of the players involved. They work on a lot of baseball training drills. While a lot of teams havea practice where everyone goes to their position and they “take infield”. One baseball is hit to one player at a time as all of the other players stand by waiting their turn. When it’s time to hit one player hits while the others wait their turn. At my son’s practices I have yet to see a round of infield or anyone waiting more than two turns to get their swings. The players work on countless drills. Infielders pair up and do fielding drills while coaches walk around and observe and instruct. Outfielders breakoff withthe outfield coaches and do countless fielding drills. Catchers (my son’s main position) pair up and do countless receiving, blocking and throwing drills. Pitchers break off and do a bunch of pitching mechanic drills.

By holding their practices this way, the players are getting way more reps than they would get under a “normal practice routine.” They are training their muscles to react with the pace picks up during a game. They have 8-9 different hitting stations, all working on a different thing. The baseball training drills that they work on must be paying off. His team won all four games they played this weekend. They played very well offensively, defensively, and on the mound. They are going to be tough to beat. There is a lot of talent on the team, but they also have been very¬† well coached. They looked like (and were accused of being) 16-17 year olds. I guess those 4-6 hour practices with countless baseball training drills are paying off. We’ll see how they do this weekend.

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