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Use Baseball Instructional Videos to Improve Your Game

Have you ever heard the old saying “Perfect practice makes perfect”? A lot of players get wrapped up in thinking that more is better. They hit countless balls off the tee. They take batting practice every day. They take hundreds of groundballs or flyballs. They throw every day. That is great but if they are not getting quality reps it can actually hurt their game. 25 fundamentally sound swings will help a player much more than taling 200 swings that aren’t. A lot of players keep practicing the same bad habits over and over. Last September my sons high school baseball coach challenged his players to take 10,000 swings and 5,000 groundballs before the February 1 start of the official practice season. That is a great idea to keep the players working in the offseason to prepare for the regular season. Unfortunately a lot of them already had problems with proper form. They were practicing bad habits. Some were getting professional instruction with expensive private lessons. Others were hitting on their own. Some disregarded their coach took the winter off. They actually probably were better off than some that practiced bad habits on their own. Not everyone has the means to afford expensive lessons. A great, inexpensive way to get that professional instruction is to invest in some good baseball instructional videos. They will still get great instruction, but not have to pay a lot of money to work with a professional instructor.

I started investing in baseball instructional videos when my son was 8. I could tell he had the talent and eagerness to step his game up. I started investing a lot of time with him to try to help him realize his potential. I had a pretty successful baseball career. Baseball paid my way through college and I was good enough to get an oppurtunity to play beyond college. I had a lot of knowledge and worked to become a pretty good instructor and coach. The problem was that to him I was just Dad. He knew what I had accomplished on the diamond and always told me that he was going to make it further than I had. He just didn’t want to listen to me. I could take him to a professional instructor and pay as much as $80 per hour for him to hear the same thing that I had been telling him. He would listen, but when I tried to work with him we just butted heads.

Finally, after I felt like I was spending too much money, I started searching the internet looking for less expensive ways to help him. I started purchasing baseball instructional videos to have him watch. He actually enjoyed them. We would watch them together and then go practice what he had learned. A lot of times I would videotape his sessions and we would go back and watch them and the baseball instructional videos together. Suddenly he started figuring it out. Our relationship got better. I was much happier because I was spending a lot less money to help him. This way he could see when he was doing something wrong. I didn’t have to “instruct” as much and he was getting better. Seven years later, we can still go back to these same videos whenever we feel we need to which is several times a season.

My son is one of the more fundamentally sound players on his team and he owes a lot of it to baseball instructional videos. Everyone goes into a slump from time to time. It is hard to consistently stay hot for a whole season. Players revert back to bad habits easily. Sometimes it only takes one game. I am glad that we have these training videos to go back to to get him back to playing well. It has been very enjoyable for me to watch him progress tha way he has. He will probably reach his goal of making it further in the game than I had. He is already much better than I was at the age of 15. We owe a lot of it to baseball instructional videos. I recommend you do the same for your player. They do pay off.

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