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Three Days Off Is A Great Time To Revisit Baseball Instructional Videos

After wins on Thursday and Friday to wrap up the regular season, my son’s Varsity team was given 3 days off. They had just wrapped up 2nd place in their subregion and will not play again until next Friday. The coach was pretty happy with their effort and decided to reward them with some free time. I was very pleased when my son told me that he still wanted to hit over the “mini vacation” from baseball. He had been scuffling a little at the plate in the last week. Friday night produced two week groundballs. Wegot home after Friday’s game and he asked if he could watch his baseball instructional videos. I knew he was frustrated. He had earned more and more playing time with the varsity as the season wore on. Now he was struggling. Usually I have to prod him to watch his baseball instructional videos. He was determined to figure it out. As proudas he was over his junior varsity team going undefeated, and the way he played, Varsity was what really mattered to him. He was going to be ready come the start of the playoffs Friday.

I watched him as he was watching one of his hitting baseball instructional videos. He started at the beginning. He watched with his bat in his hands. I could see him messing with his grip. He has always played with his grip. Sometimes he wears batting gloves. Sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes it might be one. He is always messing with pine tar. I kid him a lot about the ever changing batting glove affair. After a while, he asked me if we could go hit the next day. Of course, that pleased me. He told me he thought he had figured out something that he was doing wrong. I hoped he was right. Batting practice sessions usually go smoother when I can keep my mouth shut.

We went to hit. He started with some tee drills to warm up. Eventually, we went to soft toss. Soft toss is always fun. He complains the whole time about my bad tosses. Now it was time for BP. I had noticed a change in his grip. I decided to finally ask him what it was that he discovered to be the problem. He said he was gripping the bat too tight and too far back in his hands. He said he realized it when he was watching his baseball instructional videos. I started pitching. He kept asking me to increase the velocity. I had to remind him I’m an old has-been with a bum arm. I moved close and threw as hard as I could without having to pick my arm up off the floor. He hit the ball unbelievably well. I was very proud of him to want to do the necessary work to figure out the problem. I’m glad I invested in the baseball instructional videos for him. We’ll see Friday if it works.Conner-Marucci-StephensCo

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