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Spring Break Is No Break For Baseball Instructional Video Dad

Today is Thursday. This afternoon will be the fourth of seven games my son will play this week. I had warned him about this for years. Baseball players do not get spring break. I was never able to go to the beach with my friends in high school or college. In college, us baseball players were the only students still on campus during spring break. So far he hasn’t complained much about it. He loves baseball and there is nothing he would rather do. Of course his girlfriend and his sister keep tweeting him and texting him pictures, but he seems content with being here and playing ball. It is, of course, driving me crazy. He is home during the day and messing with my routine. I like to rise early and hit the gym. I then come home and do some work on the computer. I’ll usually do a little cleaning inside or out, and sometimes start dinner before it’s time to head to the ballfield.

For some reason only one of the seven games is at home this week. He has had two 9am-noon ¬†practices and usually has to be back at the school by 3pm to hit before they get on the bus. Throw in the 12 chapters of To Kill A Mockingbird that his lit teacher assigned over the break. While he gets straight A’s so far, he is not one to sit down on his own and do his schoolwork. It’s a constant battle. Add all of this up, and I still have never had a spring break.

Today’s game is about an hour and fifteen minutes away. I’ll leave here shortly. First I must put away all of the baseball¬†instructional video that he strung out across the floor trying to get to his video games. I do let him play some video games on the weekends and spring break. Hopefully, it will be a good trip and we will come back victorious. The team is still undefeated and nearing the end of this magical season. I just hope we can finish it strong. And I hope they hurry and get back to school.

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