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Baseball Parents Going Nuts With A Week Between Games

I’ve had a lot more free time this past week. With the JV season over and the Varsity season down to the playoffs, my 7 days of baseball games per week is down to 2. Now I actually have time to do yard work, clean house, sit around wondering what I’m going to blog about, and lots more. I really do miss those 7 games a week. Sure, I could go up to the field after school and watch practice. I don’t want to be one of those baseball parents. I have learned to give my son his space. In the past, I have always coached him so there was no getting away from me. Now that he is in high school, I try to stay away so he can hopefully learn to be coached by others. It is very difficult for me, but I know it’s best.

There is something that has been bugging me. It’s kind of crazy now that I’m not in the dugout, I get to sit in the stands with the other baseball parents and listen to all the complaining about the coaching and who’s playing and not playing. I wonder if they did the same when I was coaching. Just kidding. I know they did. I have got to hear all kinds of stuff. Parents complaining that their kid is very unhappy that he is not getting to play as much as he’d like. Some of the complaints crack me up. One parent said his son wanted to quit because he wasn’t getting to play. I found that amusing since this same player told me before the season that he didn’t want to play but his parents were making him. He said he hoped he didn’t get in so his parents would be mad. There are other baseball parents talking about moving their kid to another school so he can get more playing time. I know when we moved here, we did it because of the reputation of the school system, not the baseball team. I could ramble on and on about all the stuff I’ve been listening to. Baseball parents please remember that it is just a game. The odds of my son or yours making it to the major leagues are extremely small. Let them be teenagers and have fun. Let them enjoy their high school careers.

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