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“don’t you remember that from your baseball instructional videos?”

He decided to take the bus. I was very surprised. The team is a much tighter-knit group this year. At least he was spared the “dreaded ride home” with me. No asking why he swung at an outside fastball, no “don’t you remember that from your baseball instructional videos?, no Dad bugging him. Just him and the guys riding on a bus after stopping for some Krystals. Isn’t thatg the way it should be? No talking about the game. Just talking about girls, teachers, and how happy they are to not have to ride home with their parents.

My wife and I got back to the house about 45 minutes before the text came that they were almost back at the school. I drove up there to pick him up. When he got in, the first thing I asked was how was the bus ride? Not why did you strikeout again. He opened up and didn’t quit talking about the bus ride and the Krystals and the guys and……. Never a word about the game. It was amazing how much mire relaxed the atmosphere was in the house that evening.

Finally, I had to say something. I told him that I thought he played a really good game. He said thanks, but he wasn’t really satisfied. He pointed out his mistakes and explained how he was going to fix them. He said he knows he can play better and that he will work harder to. He wants to watch some of his baseball instructional videos again. I was very surprised that this was coming from MY 15 year old. Maybe all I had to do was lay off and give him some time after the game. Guess I’m the one that is growing up. We’ll see. There is another game this week.

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