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After a night of instructional videos, a good baseball game

Hopefully he’s getting back on track. We stayed up last night watching baseball instructional videos on hitting. We also watched some videos of him hitting when things were going good and when things were not. I like to keep videos of him when he is hitting well. When he slumps, I have him watch them and it helps him to realize what he is doing wrong. I’m glad that he is to the point in his career that he can watch himself and make corrections. The last couple of games, he has been trying to turn on everything and admittedly trying to hit homeruns. We watched videos of him hitting the ball with authority to the opposite field. He noticed that in the videos he was waiting for the pitch to get deeper in the zone before hitting it. (Crazy that that is what I’ve been telling him the last couple of days). Sometimes they have to see for themselves.

He worked on it in pregame batting practice trying to hit everything the other way. Any time we go to a college game or pro game, we try to get there early enough to watch batting practice. I always want him to see how good hitters approach batting practice. They work on their weaknesses. Sure it’s fun every once in a while to put on a homerun display, but most of the time they work on their game.

His first at bat he got hit in the back with the first pitch. We would have to wait to see if the work paid off. His next at bat, he singled to right and knocked in a run. He did it. It took 2 games, but he waited and went the other way with the pitch. His next at bat he doubled to right and knocked in 2 more runs. He finished the night with 2 walks. I was proud of him. He realized he was struggling and he did something about it. He has another game in a couple of days. I can’t wait to see how he does.

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